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What to expect when you’re expecting v2.0

16 Feb

Alright, ya’llz. This month KT and I will be going on one date a week for the next month. Since our blog relaunched two days after the trashiest holiday of the year (which, btw, KT and I spent together stuffing our faces with tacos and corn drenched in butta), we’re appropriately calling this the V-day Challenge. Both to commemorate this day of love (carnitas) as well as to help us bounce back from it.

Every month we will seek your input to determine the next challenge.

Some new things you can look forward to this time around on the blog:

  • Guest contributors (maybe even you??)
  • Polls and quizzes
  • Categories for posts (i.e. Why I am single, Eff dating, Traumarama)
  • Creeper/Keeper ratings for all the mens
  • Tweets via our Twitter page
  • Sharing/Liking posts via Facebook

Get readz for version two point ohhhhhhh, bitches!

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