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>Speed dating…

31 Aug

>Been thinking about trying out speed dating? My diplomatic but also honest answer: try it. If nothing else, you GOTTA do it for the story.

The first time I did it (speed dating that is) I met a male hooker. I figured there was no where to go but up.

Because I’m exhausted and watching Chelsea lately, I will fill you in on the aftermath and save the actual Speed Date recap for manana.

We got there at 7:30. Started by 7:50 and were done before 9.

Note: There are no places to get food on Canal Street open at 9pm. Not even Burger King.

Consensus: Speed Dating is like shopping at Kohls. It seems like a decent idea but always kinda “eh.”

So after agreeing that everyone was lame but the event was entertaining, we went back to our apartments. Aka I was at the pizza place below my apartment.

KG: (in response to a group text btwn 4 of the 5 sixteen daters) KP, do you remember that guy rich, I think I have him as a maybe? What do you think.

KP: Yeah, I put him as a question mark too. He was a totally decent sweater at Kohls.

Lessons learned:

1. Despite the “decent, but not even that amazing deals,” it’s not time to shop at Kohls.
2. Don’t trust the guy at the pizza place on “his favorite” slice.
3. Pretending that you aren’t going to eat the entire slice before you get to the fifth floor isn’t fooling anyone.
4. Red wine does not cure heartburn.

Oh and detailed character recap coming soon. One dude said he was from Pluto.


>Broke down Monday

30 Aug

>Several things.

1. We decided to move Mr. Monday to Wednesdays. There is entirely too much weekend Tom Foolery to recap/recover from on a Manic Monday and getting Man-handled via the interwebs (and not the way we all really want/need to be manhandled…well, it wont help matters.)

So get ready for “Wednesday Wake-up call” because it’s coming to a blog near you. Aka this one. On Weds.

2. Holy crap. CFH, welcome back to the game.

3. So now that CFH/KP don’t need our polite offer, I guess I’m back on the hook for speed dating. Im wearing a half ponytail with twists. Speaking of babysitters club, I look like Dawn (the new-er school one, with Alex Mac)

Also, Im so slammed at work that havent eaten until now. I’m not wearing make up. I just chugged a large Dr. Pepper from Burger King.

And my shoe just broke. But like, forrealz. Oh yeah, and I dont think I can make it home before hand. Which means I’ll be rocking 2 different shoes. And I’ll be bringing my work laptop.

I am in no way, prepared for waht’s about to come…

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