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>Stop trying to kiss me in bars

7 Aug

>So I broke it off with Doug after he tried to kiss me in a bar. Again. Some other tell-tale signs this wasn’t going to work.

1. He showed up 15 min late to dinner and said, “Sorry I’m late. I’m working on it, I promise.”
2. He immediately made us move to another table because he was hot.
3. He scarfed down the entire appetizer in 2 seconds.
4. He complained about every meat entree on the menu. He suggested this place.
5. He grabbed my leg under the table in an awkward way while I was talking.
6. He sneezed and a huge string of snot came shooting out of his nostril. I gave him my napkin.
6. He repeatedly tried to kiss me. He thought I was being playful when I kept moving my lips out of the way.
7. He definitely has an emerging double chin.
8. I couldn’t stop looking at it.

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