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>Too close for comfort

4 Sep

>It’s all fun and games until:

1) You are looking through prospects on one of the online dating sites and you see TWO people you know.

2) You realize that this could have happened to THEM or other men you know also.

3) You realize this could have happened with men you WORK with. Or I guess even girls (this thought becomes more relavant when people you work with could think you are a lesbian). Oh. Junk.

4) You are chatting with someone about the blog and one of the guys you went on a date with randomly comes up. Like physically comes up. “Whatcha guys talking about?”

5) People start using the blog as blackmail.

6) This blog comes up in business negotiations.


>Update on #3 & #4

24 Aug

>Congrats KT on being the first to cross the finish line. Well deserved win!

Now you must cheer the rest of us as we hobble across the line.

Ok so working on dates three and four. So far date number three is looking like it’s going to be a set up by JB and SP. SP has been trying to get me on date with this guy for quite some time. Now what she’s introduced him to JB and JB has approved – they’re now teaming up against me. He’s a fabulous man, good looking, solid job, very funny, charismatic etc and I know this would be an absolutely fun date. However in typical girl fashion – There is a MAJOR character trait that I cannot overcome. So big deal right – its just a date, it just gets me closer to to the finish line – its not like I’m going to marry the guy – right?

Date #4 – I feel like date #4 is going to have to be via online dating. I have yet to tread the waters of the OK Cupids/Match.com’s and the like – so I feel like I owe the blog and men of these various communities a once over. It also helps that Mr. Monday posted about this yesterday and removed a lil bit of the insecurity of how to guide myself through all this – so we’ll see. I have no doubt that I can provide a response more witty than “everything is bigger in Texas”.

I just need to remind myself that this can’t be worse than broken locks or bugs!


>Online dating? Or online faking?

20 Aug

>Ok I hear KT’s point on the online flirting. I’m like, lets just get TO the DATE already and figure out if we are gonna get this show on the road. Online is just like a new gateway in, a way to check people out that you might not get a chance to see in the real world.

The problem is, online, there is always the risk of going on a date with someone’s profile vs. the person they actually are. Because, lets be honest, sometimes ALL the facts up front just overwhelming. So where do you draw the line online?

Last time I was brutally honest, it backfired. On a scale of 1(never) to 5 (often) how much do you drink? Easy, 5. (Ok, the only person I lie to about this is my doctor. She’s so nice that I don’t want her to worry.) 3 minutes into a first date, I get confronted about my “drinking problem.” Jigga wha? I was telling this to my boss this ridiculous confrontation and he was like, “Wait, you put yours on five? Don’t do that, it just looks bad.” Yikes.

So then the other day, C, my work partner (THIS also goes over well when I try to explain that “yes, I have a partner. No, no, she’s a work-partner. Well, yes she’s a girl. No she’s not my actual partner. I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with that! I just don’t play for that team…” Needless to say this banter is always a “delight.” Even my mom gets awkward talking about it.

Anyway, upon seeing one of my online dating profiles, she paused for a while and looked at me:

C: “…but you don’t have bangs.”

Me: “Right. It’s my best picture.”

Awkward silence when we both realize I have not had bangs for about 6 months.

C: “…but, well…you don’t have bangs.”

Crap. If THAT’s false advertising then I’m in biiig trouble. And I should definitely stop wearing all the extra-padded bras my mom just bought me.

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