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>Date Recap: Man #1, Dates#1 and #2

3 Sep

Okay, so I should have posted this last week, right after my first date. And certainly before I posted on Man#2 (aka Midwest Man). And on Date #2 with Man#1

But anyway, here goes:

Background –
Met on okcu. He’s 31, has a masters in classical music composition, lived in one of my favorite cities (Portland, OR), is tall, hipster-y, lives in Bushwick. He’s currently in a band, teaches music, and sells real estate. Oh, and his initials are BJ. For real.

Date #1–
Long story short, it was fine. He’s nice/smart/cute but….eh. He told me that he used to be a drug dealer (TMI for a first date!). I thought he was gay for the first five minutes of our date, which is obviously not a good sign. I paid for the second round of drinks, which was more than twice as much as the first round. The conversation was easy, but I really didn’t feel too many romantic sparks. I made a point to kiss him on the cheek so he couldn’t kiss me goodnight. I could see him as a friend?

Date #2 –
I started to post about this Wednesday, and now I feel like a bi-atch. Yes, he did pick a terrible lunch spot. Yes, it was cheap and my stomach is still grumbling from the bad sushi. Yes, he let me pay for half (it was $20! And we split the first date. I really think he could have paid). On the upside, he’s incredibly sweet. He skipped out of work to hang out, told me he thinks I’m awesome/smart/fun/pretty in a non-awkward way. And he said he’d give me guitar lessons for free…

In the end, I ducked out a bit early and made sure he couldn’t kiss me. It was daytime, after all. I like his company, but not really interested in more than a guitar lesson or two. Meaning, I probably shouldn’t see him again.


>My better self speaks French

1 Sep

>So a few days ago I created an alternate okcupid identity (yes, I am actually admitting this. And no, I did not fill out a complete profile. Just the basics). Anyway, I created a second profile so I could do some repeat looks at guys’ profiles or let my friends view them (Okcu tracks who visits your profile).

She is similar to me on certain things (age, religion, education level) but has some upgrades:

– Her user name is SO much funnier and creative than mine. I really wish I would have thought of it when I created my actual profile.

– Her pic (found on google images) is HOT (not to trot) and artsy. Perfect profile, great jawline, sexy glasses, etc.

– She speaks French fluently

– She is taller and skinnier

The fact that she became my ideal self was more of a subconscious thing. Turns out the guys who visit my better self’s profile are WAY HOTTER than the guys who visit mine. Shit.

So I thought I’d let you guys know that I am using this to my advantage and messaging said hot guys under my real okcu profile in an attempt to land date number 4. Hope they like KP v.2.0 as much as they like KP v.3.0.

>Didn’t make the cut

31 Aug

Here is a compilation of messages received on okcu. Let’s just say these didn’t exactly encourage a response. Please feel free to add to the list, Sixteen Daters!

(We feel kind of guilty about this, but it’s funny.)

You look like Jesus running across a snowy field. You know, If Jesus wore boots and was a girl and stuff…

To KP:
hi, young adult books. i went there too, but i listed some in my profile which ones have you read??? hope to hear form you -S
-and then-
2nd try. i sent you a message a while ago asking about young adult books you never got back to me which is fine, but who knows maybe you over looked it or something. so here i am saying hi again hope to hear from you

To KP:
Adventure. I know most people write things on their profile that they don’t actually mean (unlike me) but if you truly want an adventure then you should try a tickling session. It’s something you’ve never done before, a great workout, you’ll laugh your head off through the entire experience (including snorting which you say you do when you laugh) and it will be the adventure of your life.
-63% Enemy 27% Friend 17%-
the next day. Via instant message.
*tickling your feet right now*

To CFH and KP. On the same day. Verbatim.
-Personal intro (extrapolating details from each of our profiles), then…-
I got back on Thursday night from a 10-day vacation to eastern Europe — I managed to go out Friday night but I’m still a little jet-lagged — looking forward to watching HBO tonight. What did you do this weekend?

It would be awesome if we could chat tonight. I just really want to explore my bi and submissive urges with a girl. Let me know if you’re interested 🙂

Hey there how are you! You really caught my attn reading ypur profile and would really love to get to know you, chat wink email fax whatever works, maybe grab an ice cream cone or a cold drink and just enjoy your company.

hey I thought you were special .You seem like a fun and attractive girl. I just took a new job as an assistant golf pro. You seem like a girl that would enjoy a nice guy not one that’s out to play games. I just want to make you laugh.

>Update on #3 & #4

24 Aug

>Congrats KT on being the first to cross the finish line. Well deserved win!

Now you must cheer the rest of us as we hobble across the line.

Ok so working on dates three and four. So far date number three is looking like it’s going to be a set up by JB and SP. SP has been trying to get me on date with this guy for quite some time. Now what she’s introduced him to JB and JB has approved – they’re now teaming up against me. He’s a fabulous man, good looking, solid job, very funny, charismatic etc and I know this would be an absolutely fun date. However in typical girl fashion – There is a MAJOR character trait that I cannot overcome. So big deal right – its just a date, it just gets me closer to to the finish line – its not like I’m going to marry the guy – right?

Date #4 – I feel like date #4 is going to have to be via online dating. I have yet to tread the waters of the OK Cupids/Match.com’s and the like – so I feel like I owe the blog and men of these various communities a once over. It also helps that Mr. Monday posted about this yesterday and removed a lil bit of the insecurity of how to guide myself through all this – so we’ll see. I have no doubt that I can provide a response more witty than “everything is bigger in Texas”.

I just need to remind myself that this can’t be worse than broken locks or bugs!


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