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>OCI Friday Leaderboard: Sept 10

14 Sep

>Yes this one is a little behind but since we have TWO more days to bring in the rear, it seems fair and urgent to make up for last weeks leaderboard/REMINDERS:


KT: 5
KG: 4
KP: 3
CFH: 3*
MB: 2

* waiting for an official post about this third date before it goes in the books forever.


KT: 2
KG: 0
KP: 5
CFH: 2
MB: 0

Ok bottom three, you got 48 hours to HURRY THE JUNK UP.


>OCI FRIDAY: Aug 27 (Addendum)

27 Aug

>CFH is officially on the leader board and no longer rocking double zeros (p.s. there is a whole long conversation thread online about why athletes wear double zero. But, like our blog, is painful to anyone who isnt us/doesn’t care so I decided not to post).

However the offer/slight demand to out our speed dating and have 2 lucky ladies be the new KG and KT come monday night….

Oh yeah, and CFH, we need a recap. As you can see, jobs are not an acceptable excuse.


27 Aug

>Crap. It’s friday. Crap, its time for the leader board.

Well breaking Sixteen Dates history, KT is the first to date her way over the finish line!!

KT – 4!!!!
KP – 3
KG – 3
MB – 2
CFH – 0


KP – 5?!?! (ok, everyone give your VS free panty mail coupons to KP)
KT – 1
KG – 0
MB – 0
CFH – 0

Also, given the fact that CFH is rockin the double zeros and no longer globe trotting and fraternizing in Canadia, it’s time for some drastic measures.

When signing up for the date-a-palooza, we got an additional speed dating event coming up THIS monday. What does that mean? It means that CFH and one of your other lucky ladies should go as KT and KG to the event to catch up with KT at the victory line.

Who’s the lucky other taker??


20 Aug

>That’s right ladies. Back by popular demand (aka 1 guest blogger) and the fact that like it or not, we need a gut check, here is the Oh Crap It’s Friday leaderboard/status.


KP – 3
KT – 2
KG – 2
MB – 2
CFH – 0


KP – 3
KT – 0
KG – 0
MB – 0
CFH – 0

Ok, KP is kicking everyone’s ass like whoa. CFH, understandably, being abroad, while wonderful and full of paninis, has its dating limitations. But now that you are stateside, it’s time to get things in gear and, well, you know, hurry the junk up!

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