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>Public Apology

17 Sep

>Dear J,

We, are assholes.

We totally missed your email. Probably because you are the first and only person to ever email us. (Thanks for taking the pressure off of our empty inbox).

Love your story. Also, we are glad to know that we’ve contributed to you being slightly less productive at work.

As we gear up for challeng numero DOS, I think we are gonna need some of your stories, insights and wisdom now more than ever.

We will chat with you soon to figure out eggsactly how you can drop some knowledge on us all.

sixteen dates

(And yes, this is the blog’s second reference to You’ve Got Mail. This should make Meg Ryan and Mr. Monday #1 pleased)


>Wednesday Wake-Up Call: Sept 8

8 Sep

>So this week’s Wednesday Wake-Up Call comes from another featured Mr. Monday. Don’t have time for a longer intro because I have to go back and re-read this knowledge that was just kindly DROPPED…

When asked to guest-star on this blog, I was a little nervous at first. I’m a numbers guy; words aren’t my strong point. I’m REALLY good at writing “Attached, please find the latest version of the quantitative analysis. Please advise.” Beyond that, my writing skills are about as smooth as KG in a lesbian softball coach outfit or a first date kiss with KT.

The direction of this post will be different than that of the first and second posts from fellow XYs to grace this blog. I’m actually going to offer up a couple pieces of advice on dating for women. Yes, I am that brazen/stupid. Yes, I have a few years of dating experience under my belt in NYC (more than a couple, less than countless). No, I never tried speed dating or online dating. Yes, I currently have a girlfriend. She is amazing.

Now that we got that long-winded-yet-important introduction out of the way, its time to make like Tracy Jordan and drop some truth bombs. It’s what I do.

1. Be Direct & Honest.
Lying sucks. If you lie to get a date (or ON a date) and “pretend” to like something, you’re doing yourself a disservice, and doing him a disservice. Think about it. You’re misrepresenting yourself in a situation where you’re supposed to be getting to know one another. Honesty is refreshing. Why hide anything? Do you still comb the hair on your collection of My Little Ponies? ROCK that. Do you love to scarf down a pound of prosciutto after a night of drinking? SCARF Away. Do you turn on every single light in your apartment when you get a glass of water at night because you’re still scared of monsters? AWESOME. ME TOO. What’s the worst that can happen? He likes you for you?

2. End It If You’re Not Interested.
I’ve heard the “free dinner” argument, but I’m not buying it (no pun intended). For those economists out there, think Opportunity Cost. Leading someone on is more cruel than telling him you’re not interested. It’s 1,924,203.13 times better to be upfront and honest with someone. It’s science…………. +1 to the people who know who the guy is in that picture.

3. Stop Freaking Out.
If there’s one differentiating (non-physical) trait between a girl and a guy, I would say it’s thought process. Girls think waaay too much into waaay too many things from waaay too many angles. Guys are comparatively neanderthalic. A short list of things most girls worry about: location, conversation topics, humidity, cuisine, versatility of attire, hair, perception, wine pairing, updating friends, enough but not-too-much make-up, bathroom breaks, placement of the table in the restaurant, kissing, offering to pay, etc……. A complete list of things most guys worry about: button down or t-shirt, not sounding like an idiot. I guarantee that most things that may seem REALLY IMPORTANT are not really that important at all. He’ll like you for you, regardless of whether or not your eye shadow is…. ahhhh who am I kidding I don’t even know how to describe eye shadow.

4. He Is Out There.
It’s true, despite what some naysayers say. Don’t listen to what “can” and “can not” be. Don’t settle for Wesley Snipes. You may have met him already, you may meet him 5 years from now. But he’s out there. And he’s the one.

Hopefully you found these male insights helpful. Look again, your dating life is now diamonds! I’m on a blog.

>Wednesday Wake-Up Call: Sept 1

1 Sep

>Ok so Mister Monday strikes back. But now, on Wednesday.

Understandably, the only wake up call any of us are REALLY looking for on a Weds is not from an effing blog. But given our current status, we gotta hear how it is from the boys.

Here at SD we’re keeping the guy advice coming so that we can all make it to that place where we actually wake up with a real man. Until then, enjoy your Wednesday Wake-Up Call from the boys’ club.

Last week, our Mister Monday told us about how other girls in the city are bringing the heat via online dating.* This week’s Mr. Monday recounts his first date in NYC:

As a recent transplant to NYC, I thought I would bring an outside perspective and share a recent dating experience of my own…

The background: I have been in the City for 3 months now and was/am simply looking for someone fun and similar to hang with.

The set-up: We were introduced through a mutual friend via email and had written back-and-forth a couple of times to warm up to each other and figure out a time/place to meet up.

The attire: Yes ladies, guys do care how they look and dress. Some, I have noticed (especially in NYC), take it way too far. I decided to go casual with jeans and a t-shirt. I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard. I did have gel in my hair.

The venue: We ended up meeting at a bar. Some may say “real classy,” but I thought it was really a great place for a first encounter. If the conversation got boring, I could either drink myself into a good time or at least look interested, but distract myself by watching the football game (while continuing to drink of course).

The rundown: Despite my skepticism, it went surprisingly well. The conversation flowed all night; we had a lot in common and shared some laughs. I tried to pace my drinking so I didn’t come off as too much of a drunk, at least right away. I admit toward the end I couldn’t contain myself and ended up having one more beer. When the tab arrived it was a whopping $15…amazing. Salads don’t even cost $15 in New York. Being old fashioned and the gentlemen that I am, I decided to pick up the tab. When I asked the waitress on the way out the door if it was happy hour, she replied with a wink “it’s Anna-hour.” Sorry getting a little off track but thought I would share.

The departure: I could tell from how smoothly the night went that it wasn’t going to get emotional and weird. It was a pretty painless goodbye with a simple “I had a nice time” and “it was great to meet you, hope to meet up again soon.”

Nice, I got the teaser for round two!!

The recap: Overall, Paul has potential. Yes…Paul. All and all, my first NYC “man-date” went well.

No ladies, I’m not looking for romance…but when you are feeling down and out about finding Mr. Right (or even a guy that resembles him) remember that you are not alone.

It is even hard for US GUYS to wade through the d-bags and Jersey boys to find a good friend in the Big Apple.

— Mister MANday (via Wednesday Wake-Up Call)

OK. So this week’s man was looking for Bromance vs. Romance, but I think the lesson is clear:

If boys can put that much setup and energy into a “man-date,” there aint no way we can settle for anything less from a real-date. Forget asking about what you do for fun, or disasterous ex-es, maybe our new line should be, “when was your last man-date?”

* Last week’s Mister Monday, still available, and has yet to follow up on any of the match.com dates.

** This week’s Mr. MAN just moved across the coast for a beautiful girl (cue the “awwww” sound).

For any romance or bro-mance suggestions for either, or to be a future guy guest blogger, hit us up at: sixteendates (at) gmail.com

>Broke down Monday

30 Aug

>Several things.

1. We decided to move Mr. Monday to Wednesdays. There is entirely too much weekend Tom Foolery to recap/recover from on a Manic Monday and getting Man-handled via the interwebs (and not the way we all really want/need to be manhandled…well, it wont help matters.)

So get ready for “Wednesday Wake-up call” because it’s coming to a blog near you. Aka this one. On Weds.

2. Holy crap. CFH, welcome back to the game.

3. So now that CFH/KP don’t need our polite offer, I guess I’m back on the hook for speed dating. Im wearing a half ponytail with twists. Speaking of babysitters club, I look like Dawn (the new-er school one, with Alex Mac)

Also, Im so slammed at work that havent eaten until now. I’m not wearing make up. I just chugged a large Dr. Pepper from Burger King.

And my shoe just broke. But like, forrealz. Oh yeah, and I dont think I can make it home before hand. Which means I’ll be rocking 2 different shoes. And I’ll be bringing my work laptop.

I am in no way, prepared for waht’s about to come…

>Update on #3 & #4

24 Aug

>Congrats KT on being the first to cross the finish line. Well deserved win!

Now you must cheer the rest of us as we hobble across the line.

Ok so working on dates three and four. So far date number three is looking like it’s going to be a set up by JB and SP. SP has been trying to get me on date with this guy for quite some time. Now what she’s introduced him to JB and JB has approved – they’re now teaming up against me. He’s a fabulous man, good looking, solid job, very funny, charismatic etc and I know this would be an absolutely fun date. However in typical girl fashion – There is a MAJOR character trait that I cannot overcome. So big deal right – its just a date, it just gets me closer to to the finish line – its not like I’m going to marry the guy – right?

Date #4 – I feel like date #4 is going to have to be via online dating. I have yet to tread the waters of the OK Cupids/Match.com’s and the like – so I feel like I owe the blog and men of these various communities a once over. It also helps that Mr. Monday posted about this yesterday and removed a lil bit of the insecurity of how to guide myself through all this – so we’ll see. I have no doubt that I can provide a response more witty than “everything is bigger in Texas”.

I just need to remind myself that this can’t be worse than broken locks or bugs!


>Mr. MONDAY on: Making the first move

23 Aug

>Trying to be a good sport after being asked to be a guest blogger on SixteenDates, I thought it might be interesting for you all to see how other women are making the first move in the online dating world, so I created a free trial account on Match.com to see what would come of it.

Within the first couple days, I had a couple of interesting emails that, surely against their will, I’ve decided to share with you all to see the approaches other fish in the sea are taking.

SUBJECT: (none)

Team of Rivals is an amazing book! I read that around the same time that I read Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer. Also great, if you are on a Lincoln kick. I think that it’s awesome that you are into climbing. I have wanted to get into climbing for a while now and haven’t had the chance. If you know of a great place to learn in NYC, please share!

So, a little about me, I work in finance. My job is crazy intense and don’t have much free time. I spend what time I do have working out and seeing friends. On weekends, I try to get outside as much as possible and love going for long bike rides. Otherwise, I am a pretty regular girl – love hanging out with friends, dancing, eating good food. I have been able to travel fairly extensively and am getting the travel itch again, which is unfortunate because I won’t be able to take vacation for a while.



This is by far the best one, not only because she obviously knows about the oh-so-sexy Honest Abe, but because it shows she can probably discuss more than Justin Bieber at dinner.

1. Tactically, there isn’t something to keep the conversation going – a direct question or hook.

2. Everyone in NYC is busy and it isn’t great to highlight that you have the travel bug but don’t have time to travel.

(NOTE: I actually wrote her back and it turns out she’s went to Tufts (so did I), works at 48th and 8th (I live at 49th and 9th), and studied Mechanical Engineering (so did I).

SUBJECT: but everythings bigger in TEXAS!

Times are a changin and its time for you to get your BIG TEX on! Haha. have you ever been to Dallas? I’ve never been to NY but have always wanted to go.


None, except that this gem lives 1500 miles away.

Subject: (none)

i really love your profile. feel free to email me=)

Nice compliment about the profile and the invitation to email her is welcoming, but if you’re going to initiate the conversation, you should do it with a little more gusto than just saying “feel free to impress me.”

I think I am over your age bracket but thought I would try it anyway…
I love to surf.. although have not done it for a while and thought we had some stuff in common


DANGER: You’re entering cougar country.

Subject: (none)
What happened to the girl from the inauguration? Did she invite you to that thing because I noticed “politics” isn’t listed as one of your interests or profession.

And by the way, you’re very attractive.

She seems cute enough and I obviously loved the last line. But the first sentence raised some serious jealousy red flags by immediately asking about ex-girlfriends (though that’s probably partly my fault for posting a picture with a girl in it).

Not really sure what I’m supposed to say here, but…how was your week? How did you pick up ice-climbing?


I actually liked this one. Simple and straight forward. And she’s from London!

Subject: So …
are you really living in NYC? I’m confused because you came up under my filter in Chicago?


I’m confused also…

Bottom Line:
The majority of the people who emailed had the exact same response about how they always wanted to try rock climbing (had a picture of me climbing) and how they like to travel. Some of them were literally almost identical, word for word.

I guess it’s difficult to craft a good first impression based upon a poorly structured paragraph or two and a few pictures, but I think the most important thing is that they went out on a limb to say hello. My attitude towards everyone who emailed changed when I knew that they had some interest in me.

Do any of you ladies have any secrets for making the first move online?

— Mr. Monday

For any questions or comments for this week’s Mr. Monday or to get in the running to be a future Mr. M, please send inquiries to sixteendates (at) gmail.com. See you next Monday. Or, I guess, MAN-day (thanks C!)

>Introducing: Mister Monday

23 Aug

>Every week, Monday brings a lot to the table. Dread, anxiety, weekend recaps and those last few minutes of your morning commute where you pretend not to see your coworker as you walk in so you can enjoy the last few minutes of uninterrupted iPod until the week really starts. So among all the mayhem and madness these Monday’s bring us, it’s time for Monday to really deliver on what we need: MEN.

It was decided that among all this estrogen, we needed to bring in a little male perspective every now and again (aka every Monday) to keep us honest.

That’s right ladies, keep your pants on was we introduce our very first guest blogger, this week’s Mr. Monday. He is Sixteen Dates’ most eligible bachelor and about to tell to tell it like it is.

So whether it’s generic advice, a little Q&A, or response to past posts, let’s hear it for the boys…

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