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17 Aug

>So today an intervention was organized via the interwebs about me and my lack of dating and therfore blog posting. It was quite a shock…

I mean my work/blogging/wine drinking BF (known to the blog as KG) and my BFF (we will call her JB), who have only met once and in a drunken haze – have decided to team up against me!

There was a serious exchange of emails – let me share some of the highlights:

KG: SHE says she is set in her ways. I told her, that she needs to update those if she wants any boys to FIND the way to her apt, or more importantly her v… you get the idea. Anyway, I am emailing bc I think we need to join forces and make an actionable plan so that we can give MB something to blog about, and the men of NYC, something to talk about.

JB: MB-if you do not go on a second date by monday, 8/23 i am asking that you please generate and distribute a status report regarding your activity on dating sites, etc. how many sites are you a member of? are you interacting with people? and the real question-are you taking this seriously? i don’t want you to at all take this in the wrong way, but this is your warning. not only are you starving us of you quick wit on the group blog, but you’re starving yourself. starving yourself of opportunity, love and most importantly-getting laid.

On top of my BFF’s reminding me that I’m lame and a bad dater – i had a giant bug in my apartment. And there is no better reminder about how much you need a BF around than a giant BUG. That said – I’m hitting up all dating options by the end of the week. You’re suggestions are needed – help me out ladies!


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