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>The taste of sweet, sweet victory

16 Sep

I’m happy to announce that I have (finally) crossed the mothereffin finish line. That’s right ladies and gents, I successfully found four different people to date me.

To sum up the 4th date, it was successful in that we ate heaping piles of meat served on wax paper on a large tray with jars of beer. Could it get any sexier than that? B was super funny, smart, and just generally fun to be around. Not sure if B and I will enter dating territory, but I feel it was the best way to end this challenge – on a good note, embracing my carnivorous side and drinking Bud Light in a 32 oz styrofoam cup.


>Going once. Going twice. Sold!

15 Sep

>First things first. Tonight is date numba 4, y’all! That’s right. I’m crossing that finish line with 3 hours to spare. Ain’t no shame in that.

Now to recap today’s events.

I just started a new job and had to go to orientation today. It started with the inevitable and dreaded icebreaker activity where we had to pick someone’s name out of a jar, find that person, and barrage them with a bunch of questions so we could introduce them to the rest of the group. This may have been somewhat enticing had the prospects in that jar not consisted of all women and a mere 2 men.

A woman named T found me and I gave her all the standard responses (i.e. when I graduated from grad school, where I grew up, how long I’ve lived in NY, etc). She then asked me, “Is there anything else?” When I gave her a quizzical look, she asked, “Like are you married? Single?” I was like, “Oh, I”m single.” Guh. Does this really have to come up right now??! She smiled.

Everyone began introducing each other and reciting one impressive resume after the next (i.e. “So-and-So graduated with a doctorate from Harvard and a post-doc from Yale. He/she is director of psychiatric testing at the Albert Ellis Institute”).

When it came to T’s turn, she opened with, “This is KP. She’s a single lady in the city!!!!” Everyone awkwardly laughed and looked my way as I smiled and waved my hand (trying to own it) feeling as if I were being auctioned off as a date at a charity event.

Thanks, T. Never had I detested icebreakers as much as at that moment. (Sidenote: One of my old supervisors was there and just stared at me like, “WHAT??!”)

Fortunately, the day got better when the NYFD came in to give us CPR training. We each got our own blow-up doll (to take home). See Exhibit A.

Let’s just say I blew him on the floor. And on the table. I think this is one for the DTC board (and maybe the DTD board).

>OCI Friday Leaderboard: Sept 10

14 Sep

>Yes this one is a little behind but since we have TWO more days to bring in the rear, it seems fair and urgent to make up for last weeks leaderboard/REMINDERS:


KT: 5
KG: 4
KP: 3
CFH: 3*
MB: 2

* waiting for an official post about this third date before it goes in the books forever.


KT: 2
KG: 0
KP: 5
CFH: 2
MB: 0

Ok bottom three, you got 48 hours to HURRY THE JUNK UP.

>White Pie, White Lie, Creepy Guy

10 Sep

>Ok. So remember the night KG and I went speed dating (and then failed to really follow up about it on the blog)? Well, I also failed to follow up on what happened to me post-speed dating…

Once KG and I parted ways (after desperately searching for a place to get a mothereffin slice of pizza) I went to my local pizzeria in Brooklyn. I wasn’t boutsta to go home on an empty stomach and three vodka sodas (p.s. we were at the speed dating bar for 1 hour).

I ordered a slice. Enter attractive guy in a suit.

Him: Did you order yet?
Me: Yes.
Him: (Sigh). I’m tired.
Me: Long day?
Him: Yes. Very.
Me: I know what you mean. I just got back from speed dating. One guy told me he was from Pluto.

All of this led to a conversation outside of the pizza place where he told me I was really beautiful (ok, you got my attention). He asked for my name, number, and email (ok, pretty aggressive. Also, I had scarfed down my entire slice by this point). He then asked if I wanted to hang out THAT night (ok, very aggressive). I made up a lie and said I had plans with a friend (Netflix). He told me he would text me later that night (ok, creepy and desperate).

Subsequent texts received:
-an hour after I gave him my number: “hi :)”(Forrealz?? I told him to text me later in the week to meet up)

-the next day (Tues): “how are you?” (No response)

-the next day (Wed): “Hey…wanna go out for a drink?” (God he sucks so hard. I lied and told him I just got out of a long-term relationship and wasn’t ready for the whole dating thing. I thought this would send a clear message to back the eff off).
His response: “Then let’s not call it a date, let’s just have a glass of whine (his error, not mine) and enjoy the great weather :)” (I told him no. If the creep factor wasn’t a dealbreaker, the misspelling def was.)

-Friday: “How r you?” (No response)

-Tonight: “Hi KP” (No response)

Wtf? Totes creepy! I keep glancing out my window to make sure he isn’t watching me, ready to chop me up into itty bitty pieces.

Alas, I’m still searching for numba 4. I wonder if that guy from Pluto is still available.

>Left in the dust . A plea for help.

8 Sep

So KT has kicked this dating challenge’s ass (maybs even squeezing in a numba 5) and KG is not far behind, fist pumping her way across that finish line, with a few days to spare.

Me? While I did rack up another point on the repeats board this week, let’s be honest. That don’t mean a thang. Repeats ain’t nothing but a number.

The point of this post is to help me land date numba 4. And fast. I’m desps. If anyone has any suggestions on where to find a man, please send them my way. If anyone knows of any equally desperate men, please send them my way. If anyone has bottles of booze to spare, please send them my way. I prefer Hendricks, but losers can’t be choosers.

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