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>Dear Hot To Trot,

31 Aug

Ok, ok. I guess the cat’s outta the bag.

If I were 15 again, this would def go on the record as a traumarama moment. Except at 15 I would most likely slam my bedroom door, cry, and convince myself my life was over.

At 26, I’m proud to report that there were no tears, no slamming of bedroom doors (although I don’t really have one), and no catastrophic thinking (well, maybe for like 5 seconds). I’d like to take this as evidence that I am really growing into a mature and sensible adult. Although I’m pretty sure mature and sensible adults don’t refer to attractive men as “Hot To Trot”, search and post pics of steamy piles of shit, and consider trashy day sex to be a viable date option. I’d like to think it was all for the blog.
So thank you, HTT, for supporting the blog, allowing it all to come full circle, and most importantly, helping us score a movie deal out of it. Although I can’t promise you any cuts, I will make sure you are played by Jared Leto.

Yours Truly,

P.S. Feel free to be our Wednesday guest blogger this week.


>Third time’s the charm?

23 Aug

I know I’m very late in posting this, considering this date took place last Thursday. I’m really not sure what to make of it. Except that it counted as my third date.

Highlights of the date:
1. Midwest Man was HOT TO TROT. I’m pretty sure people don’t say that anymore but I need to make sure you understand he is hotter than any other guy I have ever even spoken to. Ever.

2. He referenced a “modern day Jordan Catalano” in a conversation about “our” (can I say our?) fav tv show, Friday Night Lights. Double points.

3. He has a car (probs named Red, after me, of course).

4. Every time he looked to the side (probs checking out girls hotter than me) I could not get over the perfectness that is his profile.

5. He responds to all texts and emails in .2 seconds.

Where it gets hairy:
1. He is too hot for me. And way too cool for school. Totally intimidating.

2. When he arrived he just came over to me, sat down, looked aloof and bored, and was like, “What’s up.” No introductions. Nothing.

3. We hung out at a coffee shop for an hour and a half. That’s a long time, right?

4. We hung out at a coffee shop. That’s totally saying, “I’m just squeezing you into my day. You’re probably ugly. I have 10 other dates lined up this week.”

5. We left it at, let’s hang out sometime soon. I think it was more of a nicety on his part than anything.

What to take away:

I can see him contacting me to hang out next week. Orrrrrrr I can totally see him never talking to me again. I’m totes the Claire Danes in this situation.

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