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>Didn’t make the cut

31 Aug

Here is a compilation of messages received on okcu. Let’s just say these didn’t exactly encourage a response. Please feel free to add to the list, Sixteen Daters!

(We feel kind of guilty about this, but it’s funny.)

You look like Jesus running across a snowy field. You know, If Jesus wore boots and was a girl and stuff…

To KP:
hi, young adult books. i went there too, but i listed some in my profile which ones have you read??? hope to hear form you -S
-and then-
2nd try. i sent you a message a while ago asking about young adult books you never got back to me which is fine, but who knows maybe you over looked it or something. so here i am saying hi again hope to hear from you

To KP:
Adventure. I know most people write things on their profile that they don’t actually mean (unlike me) but if you truly want an adventure then you should try a tickling session. It’s something you’ve never done before, a great workout, you’ll laugh your head off through the entire experience (including snorting which you say you do when you laugh) and it will be the adventure of your life.
-63% Enemy 27% Friend 17%-
the next day. Via instant message.
*tickling your feet right now*

To CFH and KP. On the same day. Verbatim.
-Personal intro (extrapolating details from each of our profiles), then…-
I got back on Thursday night from a 10-day vacation to eastern Europe — I managed to go out Friday night but I’m still a little jet-lagged — looking forward to watching HBO tonight. What did you do this weekend?

It would be awesome if we could chat tonight. I just really want to explore my bi and submissive urges with a girl. Let me know if you’re interested 🙂

Hey there how are you! You really caught my attn reading ypur profile and would really love to get to know you, chat wink email fax whatever works, maybe grab an ice cream cone or a cold drink and just enjoy your company.

hey I thought you were special .You seem like a fun and attractive girl. I just took a new job as an assistant golf pro. You seem like a girl that would enjoy a nice guy not one that’s out to play games. I just want to make you laugh.


>My mom does not approve

28 Jul

>So I am feeling guilty.

I told my mom about Sixteen Dates. (Note: this conversation probably wouldn’t have happened had I not been at my parent’s house for the past 10 days. Also why I am posting two blogs in a row).

She was with me until I got to the part about what happens to the girl who does not get her four dates (i.e. Staten Island Stud).

“Oh Trin (my nickname, pronounced trEEn with a thick Chicago accent). That’s meeeeean (emphasis on the long e sound). You’re going to get his hopes up just to crush him.”

I tried to explain that it’s just one date and no one expects a relationship after ONE date. Plus we aren’t going to be mean to him in person.

(To my dad, who is sitting in the same room) “Hun, did you hear what your daughter is doing?”

The next day…

My mom and I are watching tv and she asks me out of the blue, “This guy, what if he does find out?”

I realized she was referring to SI Stud and assured her, “HE WON’T!”

A few days later in the car…

Again, out of the blue. “So I have an idea, Trin, for this date thing. How about the girl who doesn’t get all of her dates has to do something crazy. Like sing karaoke in Times Square in front of everybody…and you guys can choose the song she has to sing!”

Ok, my mom is obviously very bothered by this. Should we be? Are we cold and heartless and that is why we are single??

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