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>The taste of sweet, sweet victory

16 Sep

I’m happy to announce that I have (finally) crossed the mothereffin finish line. That’s right ladies and gents, I successfully found four different people to date me.

To sum up the 4th date, it was successful in that we ate heaping piles of meat served on wax paper on a large tray with jars of beer. Could it get any sexier than that? B was super funny, smart, and just generally fun to be around. Not sure if B and I will enter dating territory, but I feel it was the best way to end this challenge – on a good note, embracing my carnivorous side and drinking Bud Light in a 32 oz styrofoam cup.


>Eat, Pray, Post

19 Aug


Two of those three things now consume 93 percent of my weekly routine.
The other 7 percent? Dating.
Off balance, you say?
Oh hellllsno.
Because despite the recent breakup and subsequent date exhaustion, I’m boutsta pass y’all on the way to the finish line. See: woman in white.
That’s right, I’ve got two dates lined up this weekend. And this time I’ve learned to space those babies out so I can adequately nurse hangover from Date #3 before jumping all cute into Date #4.
So pick up the pace and mark your calendars for Monday. If I’m lucky, I’ll be crossing that finish line and doing a few laps on the repeats leaderboard while I wait for you suckas.
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