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>Date Recap: Man #1, Dates#1 and #2

3 Sep

Okay, so I should have posted this last week, right after my first date. And certainly before I posted on Man#2 (aka Midwest Man). And on Date #2 with Man#1

But anyway, here goes:

Background –
Met on okcu. He’s 31, has a masters in classical music composition, lived in one of my favorite cities (Portland, OR), is tall, hipster-y, lives in Bushwick. He’s currently in a band, teaches music, and sells real estate. Oh, and his initials are BJ. For real.

Date #1–
Long story short, it was fine. He’s nice/smart/cute but….eh. He told me that he used to be a drug dealer (TMI for a first date!). I thought he was gay for the first five minutes of our date, which is obviously not a good sign. I paid for the second round of drinks, which was more than twice as much as the first round. The conversation was easy, but I really didn’t feel too many romantic sparks. I made a point to kiss him on the cheek so he couldn’t kiss me goodnight. I could see him as a friend?

Date #2 –
I started to post about this Wednesday, and now I feel like a bi-atch. Yes, he did pick a terrible lunch spot. Yes, it was cheap and my stomach is still grumbling from the bad sushi. Yes, he let me pay for half (it was $20! And we split the first date. I really think he could have paid). On the upside, he’s incredibly sweet. He skipped out of work to hang out, told me he thinks I’m awesome/smart/fun/pretty in a non-awkward way. And he said he’d give me guitar lessons for free…

In the end, I ducked out a bit early and made sure he couldn’t kiss me. It was daytime, after all. I like his company, but not really interested in more than a guitar lesson or two. Meaning, I probably shouldn’t see him again.


>Numba 3

19 Aug

>Going on date #3 in t-10 minutes, bitches! It’s with Midwestern Man. KT, it’s going to be a close call…

Will update with the deets as soon as I return.

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