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six month say whaaaa?

1 Mar

Ok. What the truck…

So yes, I’m dancing around in boyfriend land. And as much as I love to boast about my dancing skillz, I have no idea what I’m doing. Enter: Six Month Annivarsary. So it’s tomorrow, well basically, today.

I mean for Valentines day, my roommate, CW, gave her boyfriend a fancy bottle of his favorite scotch.

I gave my boyfriend a bag of Vanilla Oreos.

He asked me “how much have you missed me?” I responded with, “well, logistically, it’s been a really busy week.”

My point is, now we are hitting six months, and I still have no idea what I’m supposed to do…

1. Do people give presents?

2. If so, what the heck do people give?

3. Do I get a card? Do I pay for dinner?

4. Is there anything else I’m supposed to know?

5. Do I dress up? Does he? Crap.

Help. Go. Thanks.

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