What ARE these?

Basically, between all the abreeves, texts from last night, sexcapades (or lack thereof) and old and new stories, we figured we’d nail a few “categories” to keep it all straight.


Eff Dating – Just hand me another cocktail. And/or Nyquil.

FLASHBACK – A lot happened while we were gone. Here’s a chance to catch up on lost awkwardness.

Quoteables – Meaningless, non-profound tidbits that get us through the day and give nothing back to society.

Reaaally??? – Self explanz.

Roll Call – Sometimes it’s hard to keep all the mens straight. Here’s a shoutout to the laundry list, past and present.

Traumarama – Thanks Seventeen mag. Paying homage to the mag that gave us so many good dating tips along the way. And look where we are now…

Why I’m single – Hmm…thanks Seventeen mag. But surrriously.


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