About SD

This whole thing started with a few single ladies and a seemingly simple challenge:
4 girls. 2 months. 4 dates each.  Sixteen Dates.

The rules are easy:

1. No old boyfriends. No “friends.”
2. Any planned meet up counts (read: meet up, not make out)
3. Oh yeah, and 4 different people.

Once we completed this challenge, we took a five month hiatus from the blog. And let’s be honest, our blog-less lives weren’t nearly as complete, no matter how hard we tried to fill the time  (i.e. longest five months of our lives). Sooo after referencing the blog 23938948309 times, the three of us decided to continue with a new challenge, new rules, and most importantly, new men.

What’s the new challenge all about, ya’ll?

Each month there will be a new challenge for KP and KT. The first challenge is to date a different guy every week until March 16. Our subsequent challenges will be strictly determined by your very own suggestions!

The one rule is:

We have to actually follow the most popular suggestions each month.

And while KG is no longer dating since she landed a bf from the original challenge, homegirl will be blogging about her own relationship challenges and desps seeking your advice!

Follow us: @sixteendates to keep up-to-date on posts and send some challenges or more importantly, mens, our way!


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