Blind dating: not as trashy as Roger Lodge would have you believe

19 Feb

First date of the V-day Challenge. Check. First blind date. Check. First sober date. Check.

My friend set me up with her friend’s younger brother who (for reasons unbeknownst to her) has been perpetually single for a while. It was a for real blind date. As in, I had not seen any pictures of this dude nor was I given any physical descriptors. My friend had met him once a few years ago, yet she could not conjure up a mental image of him, instead telling me, “I just remember him being funny.” Funny’s good, don’t get me wrong, but strictly deferring to homeboy’s personality isn’t so good, right?

Well me and Funny Man exchanged a few emails. And yes, he did seem funny, at least electronically. We ended up getting coffee in Park Slope and walked around the neighborhood. He was friendly. He was chatty. He was funny. Not awkward in the least bit. But no sparks flying. Pretty sure the feeling was mutual, given that I have not heard from him since. Also, the date lasted about an hour in its entirety, probs qualifying it as the shortest date ever on SixteenDates, or simply the shortest date ever.

Regardless, I feel this was the perfect date to kick off the first challenge. I’d like to think Roger Lodge and his blazers would keep this date out of the Hall of Shame. I mean, there was no snot flying around or awkwardly-timed public kisses, which keeps me (somewhat) hopeful for the upcoming men of future challenges. Howevs, my standards appear to be somewhat lowered. Now onto finding date numba 2…

Creeper/Keeper Rating = 6  (1-10 scale)


One Response to “Blind dating: not as trashy as Roger Lodge would have you believe”

  1. KG February 22, 2011 at 2:39 am #

    congrats KP. much better to get kudos from roger lodge than make infamy with joey greco. keep em coming.

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