>Don Draper Fail

16 Sep


Ok, we get it. You smile. You know people from the 90s. And you do, in fact, own a pair of jeans.
You aren’t Don Draper.
But really, did you have to resort to this outfit? And that hat?!
You look old. Like you should be in Mary Poppins. Or my high school graduation c.2002. With grandkids in tow.
Somebody get this man a stylist and a skinny tie so I can go on living my fantasy.
Thank you.

ON THE 'TOWN' photo | Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm


One Response to “>Don Draper Fail”

  1. KG September 16, 2010 at 5:37 pm #

    >Umm totes agree. Sure, those are great jeans, but the whole look makes me start singing "when you're a jet your a jet all the way…" or want to google the images from Newsies.

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