>I have standards.

14 Sep

>I’m not one to judge looks (sort of a lie), but when it comes to spelling and grammar, I have standards.

If you can’t tell the diff between it’s and its, there and their, your and you’re, you’re out. Also, in case you missed Ms. Strayhorn’s 1st grade class, when comparing two things it’s than, not then. Possessives use an apostrophe. Too is different than to.
Oh, and punctuation? Seriously, it’s quite simple. A sentence ends in a period. And if you’re rambling on, not only should you reconsider emailing me, you should know how to use my friends semi-colon and comma.
I don’t care if you’re Don Draper, you didn’t go to school, you’re just smart and charming by grace of god, etc. Unacceptable. I kid you not when I say this is by far more unattractive than snotting on me, pooping in my bathroom on the first date, or any other inappropriateness you can think of.
Is this too much to ask?!?
Now, I’m not a heartless bitch. I can overlook a sentence ending in a preposition (see above) or even a mishap on your neither/nors. I’ll cringe, but I can take one for the team.
But for the love of god, boys, as long as text and email remain viable forms of communication, learn how to write.
Please note: the above does not apply to foreigners. Especially tall, dark and handsome ones.

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