>So, you CAN get a date on a Lesbian Vacation

7 Sep

>Yes, that’s right chica’s, I’m pulling on up to the winners circle as I just secured my final diz-aaaate (more deets to come on that) but first, a quick recap of the last few days…


** Saw a hottie mc hot hot at a Stanford tailgate and immediately imagined us having adorable mixed babies and fighting over if our kids would go to Stanford or Duke (sigh, gotta love elitist fantasies)

** CW’s (female) boss told me I looked pretty (yes, that’s all it takes for me to feel accomplished for a weekend)

** San Francisco food = eating my body weight in carbs


** San Francisco food = eating my body weight in carbs

** CW losing her fave sunglasses .5 hours into the trip and almost breaking her finger on the plane (reserving lesbian joke possibilities for the sake of, well, anyone reading this)

** Burning myself on my curling iron, well moreso branding myself as my right arm now says CON (of Con-air, the brand, not Nick Cage). This happened shortly after I, literally, punched myself in the face while trying to pull up the sheets in a much needed nap.

** I got my favorite ring confiscated at the airport. That’s right. Confiscated. The bia at security told me I was rocking brass knuckles and despite my efforts to explain that I bought this (one of a kind) ring at the checkout line at Urban for $12, she still considered me armed and dangerous.

That ring was such a good conversation starter. Especially after my sprained wrist healed and no longer had an excuse to rock a wrist brace.

I would say I can just rest on my charm, but clearly, I will need to find another prop before tomorrow’s date…


2 Responses to “>So, you CAN get a date on a Lesbian Vacation”

  1. KT September 8, 2010 at 12:12 am #

    >Please tell me your final date is with Nelly. Please.Also, TSA bia was clearly jealous of your ring situation. $100 says she took that baby home.

  2. KP September 8, 2010 at 3:49 am #

    >i'm with kt on this one. bia was totes jeal of that ring. also, LOVE the pic. and want to hear about numba 4 asap!!!

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