>TMZ Breaking News: KT Celeb Date #6

1 Sep

>Ok, I know this doesn’t fit anywhere on the blizzog, but this is just too good not to share.

Totes just ran into Leighton Meester a block away from the office. These mid-day snack runs are really helping me on the celeb dates leaderboard. Probs not as good for my lady figure. Then again, I’m comparing myself to Blair Waldorf who is officially 97 pounds.
Anyway, we didn’t really have the quality date that JGL and I had yesterday. But she did look at me from the steps of Marc Jacobs and then stared at me from inside the cab at the corner as they almost ran over me. Her eyes said a little something like:
“Seriously, stop staring. Oh, and did you know I’m the one who sings that ‘Somebody to Love’ song? Also, Chuck Bass is totes gay. But don’t tell anyone I told you.”
I should note this isn’t the first run in with Leighton. There was that time they were filming GG outside my apt c. 2008 when I walked through a scene on my way home from work, went upstairs to change clothes, and came back down all dressed up pretending to be an extra.
The director looked me up and down and goes, “Weren’t you wearing something different five minutes ago?”
At least I wasn’t wearing this…

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