>Dear readers who aren’t us….

30 Aug

>So I went out for a friend’s bday last night. (Happy belated bday M!!) As we were chatting, one of her friends was like “wait, you are one of the sixteen daters?!?”

I was shocked. Mostly because I didnt realize that anyone we don’t directly know actually READS this blog. I even thought our friends were just lying to be polite. But also because she actually wanted to know more.

Hold UP – our cracked out awkwardness is actually entertaining…and…dare you say, USEFUL? I still don’t believe it/ still singing “you better call on tyrone” from KT’s last post. (Yep just did it again, aloud, at a restaurant. The table of 10 gay men next to me didn’t chime in. Yet are now currently singing along to “yakkety yak…” sigh) Well anyway, we got to talking, and I realized, we haven’t made it quite clear through our babbled convo, HOW we are actually checking off men for this challenge. (L and S, this is all coming soon aka this week).

Now we are no experts, ha we are barely breathing (just wanted the song reference). But a challenge will get any girl moving (yes, there will be more challenges in the future, aka post Sept 15, stay tuned). We are getting together on Tues for our “2 weeks until the deadline/holy shit/how can we get our last dates/BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY/meet and greet the team” meeting.

That’s right. We don’t actually all “officially” know each other. That’s what makes this even more fun. We can yell at/gossip with/exchange stories with, what used to be, strangers.

Bottom line, dating in NYC is great bc you have “so many options.” Aka it blows. But we are trying to wade our way through it and get some learnings along the way. A few things I’ve learned so far:

CFH: missed connections actually works
MB: out of towners are not something to forget about
KP: 1st dates are awkward, but 5th dates are still confusing.
KT: winning “challenges” don’t alleviate need to get laid.

In the end, the sad truths still exist, but we just unsuccessfully try to make it seem a little less shameful:

Me: I feel so gross. I’ve stopped working out (despite saying “moderate” on my profile) and I eat like CRAP. I’ve been trying to do a cleanse since Jan, but I can’t fit it into my social schedule.

KT: the reason I’m getting in the shower is so I don’t go get lunch before noon.

So future daters beware, we still have more to do on this challenge, and future challenges to come…but we are still a hot mess. We sit at home on saturdays and just figure that one day, some guy will like it and put a ring on it.


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