>Bartender followup

30 Aug

>Ok at the risk of setting the record for quickest consecutive posts, had to also drop this little story for a little Monday am reading:

So the other day I’m g-chatting with my roommate at work and out of no where, she tells me:

Roommate: oh p.s. – the guy you gave your card to (and totally failed with) at our fave restaurant used to be a hugo boss model.

Me: WHAT?!?!?! How do u know this?

Roommate: Oh, Ben, the manager told us. On Tuesday. (Us = her and her bf – they are oh-so-adorbs so I get excited about any story that involves them out on dates/doing stuff together. This ALMOST distracted me from the issue at hand aka my most recent, well not MOST recent, but one somewhat recent embarassement. Anyway, I digress.)

Me: Did u ask him about the other bartender?

Roommate: No he started talking about his hot bartender. Who flirts with all the ladies. And evidently does pretty well for himself. We assumed it was your guy…
because you have Hugo Boss taste.

Me: Hahahahaha. Quote.

Roommate: Ha, it’s the truth!

Me: It is. But sadly, usually Hugo Boss looks don’t come with someone-who-could-be-my-boss brains.

Roommate: Yeah, you’ll know when it’s time to settle.

Wait, but seriously, now I think I really cant go back to my fave place. Criz-ap.


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