>You can find me in the club….er, couch

29 Aug


Ok, so it is Saturday night and here are the events that have transpired in the past few hours (in order):

1. Hung out with Tennis Pro after a stoop sale with a friend. Totes hot but I think he’s asexual. It’s a no-go.

2. Ate some leftover dark chocolate bread pudding (which weighs approximately 1 lb in butter alone).

3. Ate some OreIda fries with a generous scoop of mayo.

4. Ate a quesadilla.

5. Watched Bride Wars (yes, I sent out for this on Netflix)

6. Turned down an invitation to go out to some bars with friends.

7. Had the nightly pillow talk with KT.

8. Commented on recent SD posts.

9. Spent an hour on okcu (trying desperately to find date numba 4) and have not found anyone even worthy of a fucking wink.

The worst part (besides the fact that a third of my list involves eating)? I am enjoying my night so far and prefer this over a Saturday night Sixteen Dating in the city. And yes, Sixteen Dates can def be used as a verb.


One Response to “>You can find me in the club….er, couch”

  1. KT August 29, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    >yo we need a like button for this.

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