>Date #3 Recap: Nice.

26 Aug

>Ok so I aint no KT, understandably gloating her victory, or Kate Winz accepting an Oscar, but I’ve successfully completed THREE of the four dates and the finish line is so close I can TASTE it’s deliciousness. Or maybe it’s the oatmeal raisen cookie I just ate.

In any case, the date was nice. He was nice. Really nice. I mean, he’s Canadian.

We met at brunch. I was late, hung over, and had taken a mystery pill that I thought, at the time, was extra strength Advil.* Also when I got there, I realized I didn’t remember what he looked like. Awesome start.

I saw the nice, slightly overwhelmed guy in the corner, which was (luckily) him. Conversation was light and easy. He told me all about the touristy things he had done in NYC so far (which embarrassingly, was much more than me).

His sincerity was endearing and from my perspective, entertaining.

Him: “Check out this awesome thing I got” aka a laminated map with subway and bus schedule.

Or things like, “Have you heard of this group before? The guys wear tank tops with stripes and I don’t think they are allowed to wear socks. They also often wear shorts, but that are jeans”

Me: “Jorts.”

Him: “Wait what?”

Me: “Jorts.”

Him: Blank stare

Me: “Never mind, jeans that are shorts, keep going…”

Him: “It’s very strange, they are called…hipsters? And I think I live in their breeding ground. And I tried to be really friendly at a bar, and I really stand out. (Looks at my tank dress with large stripes) Oh wait…are YOU a hipster? I don’t mean it in an offensive way at all…”

I assured him that I wasn’t but told him to try not washing his hair for a few days and avoiding khakis and that he might have a better shot. Thne he also showed me a metal notepad holder he was quite proud of in which he was able take note of things, like the address of the restaurant (he showed me for proof) or was able to do sketches of things he found curious. I then held up my metal notepad aka my IPHONE. (I immediately took a pic knowing you guys wouldn’t believe this unless I showed you):

Here was an unidentified sign he found on the subway.

Him: “I know the first is ‘no smoking,’ obviously, the second ‘throwing away juggling’ but I cant figure out this heart one…” The best and worst part was that I couldn’t detect Canaidian humor/sarcasm so it was hard to know when to laugh at the joke or feel really sad if it wasn’t a joke.

When switching locations, a torrential downpour occurred. Despite our efforts to share an umbrella (which always seems to work in movies), the entire left side of by body was SOAKED. I had straightened my hair for the night before – ha, for other plans, obvi. Would never dream of that much effort for the date, is that sad? – anyway, when it somewhat dried I had one side of me with curly hair, a see through top and wrinkled skirt and the other side with my hair looking like the scary chick from the ring, and a regular outfit on.

All in all, definitely had an enjoyable time, despite ending the date looking like The Joker. Brunch and then a few drinks down the street. I don’t really feel like there was a huge (aka any) romantic connection, but it was nice to meet someone new.

* (Also, I learned later through some investigatory work from MB that the “mystery pill” was actually extra strength Mucinex. This explains why I was SO thirsty to the point of nausea.)


One Response to “>Date #3 Recap: Nice.”

  1. KT August 26, 2010 at 4:20 pm #

    >"Never mind, jeans that are shorts, keep going…"LOVE IT>

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