>On kissing

25 Aug

>Ok, so I think we all know by now that I’m not terribly shy. In fact, SD has been a therapeutic outlet for my habitual oversharing. (My apologies.)

And I’m not talking just oversharing ridiculous stories. I can also overshare the love. (My mom says I’m a very loving person.)
On first dates, however, I’m not stupid. I definitely try to limit sharing of any kind — surprise, oversharing isn’t always attractive and/or welcome — to a minimum.
But when you’re a few drinks in and he’s looking hotter than he did when you walked in two hours ago, he’s getting all touchy and cute and he finally goes in for the kiss, you can’t really deny the sharing of the love. I mean, that would be cruel.
But those first date kisses can be disastrous. For the boys that read this (like, the two of you), please take note. For the girls, find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.
Some notes on my most recent first date kisses:
*If we’ve spent more than 4 minutes on the street corner awkwardly talking at the end of the night, you need to either just go for it or go home. Seriously, don’t wait for the cab to pull up. It’s just not the same when the cabbie is watching and the meter is running.
*Also, I’d really rather you not escort me home in the cab. I think I’ll be just fine. If you want to make out, either go for it on the street like a real/desperate man, or wait until date 2.
*If I can’t tell whether you’re going in for my cheek, lips, tongue or forehead, probably not a good thing.
*If I somehow misread the cues, or if you misread that I just really don’t want to kiss you, let’s just play it cool and part ways. Please don’t run in the other direction. (True story.)
*Lastly, unless you can tell we’re just not into this, you should really just kiss me… I mean us. Really. I’d make the first move, but I’m not trying to be all Slut McGee on Date 1.
I’m saving that for Date 2.

One Response to “>On kissing”

  1. KG August 25, 2010 at 7:35 pm #

    >Ok this has happened to me. Twice. Once his fault. The second time mine. Coming at it from both perspectives, I agree, this is never, ever, a good idea. And the cab drivers dont seem to care for it too much either.

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