>KG with: The Dilly-yo

25 Aug

>Date 1: Kinda played me
Date 2: Kinda complicated (Despite a great start)
Date 3: Kinda Canadian

Ok despite me really trying to work a De La Soul reference in here (Three Dates Down and Rising?) I think Paula Abdul said it best…

Eagle’s calling and he’s calling your name.
Tides are turning bringing winds of change.
Why do I feel this way.
The promise of a new day.

That’s right homies. It’s a new day, which brings new opportunities. And these new opportunities do not include the guy I kept noticing at work (who I was suuure shared a few looks or “moments” in passing). And then we finally had a meeting together. (secret self fist pump) And then I finally noticed his wedding ring. My pride quickly B-lined out of that fantasy.)

So what brings this change in tune or cracked out optimism you ask? Well, I didn’t fall down in the shower this morning, so the day is already starting out much better than yesterday.
My roommate this morning offered to get me this throwback

Plus, JT just whispered “would you be my girlfriend?” in my ear, so I think I’m set. (Fine fine, I’m listening to “bubble gum pop” on Pandora. Again.)

So to Mr. date numba four, four just happens to be lucky number, so look out.


2 Responses to “>KG with: The Dilly-yo”

  1. KT August 25, 2010 at 5:35 pm #

    >i would do anything for 15 minutes with that man. and i mean anything.funny, i think i said the same thing when i was 13.

  2. KG August 26, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    >That's not bad, that's just called being consistent.

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