>And you’re not gonna reach my telephone

23 Aug

So I’m drinking some wine right now alone in my apt (the same bottle I had last night while watching Secretary alone in my apt) and am regretting calling Cameron 4 hours ago.

My plan was to invite him out to a “casual” night out with friends in Central Park to see Fame this week. I basically invited a bunch of my friends and told them they had to come and laugh at all of my jokes.

Cameron didn’t answer. And I left a short and sweet voicemail telling him I had a proposition for him (but no mention of what it was). It’s four hours later and still. no. response.

Shit. KT, I know you said a phone call wasn’t too girlfriendy, but I’m thinking it may have been too much for Cammy to handle…

He’s probs on a Sundate RIGHT NOW.


One Response to “>And you’re not gonna reach my telephone”

  1. KT August 23, 2010 at 3:54 am #

    >ummmm boy needs to pick up the phone and return some calls. seriously.also, what if he thought you were going to proposition bf/gf?

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