>Stressed Out Sundate

22 Aug

>Despite the success of last week’s Sundate, I haven’t really heard from him. I’ve seen him once, but only because we have mutual friends. So a full week later and no “when can I see you again?!?” Oh well.

So now it’s Sundate #2 which is actual date #3. That’s right leaderboard and KP, look out!

It’s my date with the Canadian and it’s already kicked off to a hilarious start. When I met him, KT and I offered to show him around NYC, give him the lay of the land. So when he emailed me, I decided, what better way then what New Yorkers (aka my friends, none of which are actually from NY) care about most: booze brunch. Here’s a few snippets of emails back and forth in preparation:

Him: Lunch in Chelsea sounds great. I have been to the Chelsea Market and I am in love with Hale and Hearty soup.

Me: Ok I cant believe that out of ALL of Chelsea market, what you remember is Hale and Hearty. Shameful!

We can work on that. There is actually a really good BRUNCH place there, but sometimes its suuuper crowded. That’s something you will learn quickly. NYC brunch is not. a. game. People take brunching, especially booze brunching, quite seriously. It’s almost like a sport.

Him: Whats wrong with Hale and Hearty? I had the chicken pot pie soup and I had to go back for more. Is that a chain in NYC?

Brunch is something totally new to me. We don’t do that much in Canada, so I have to learn. I thought brunch was a mid-morning thing to. Can you even do it in the afternoon and call it brunch? As far as boozing goes, its not even legal to sell alcohol before 12PM where I am from.

Me: (after giving him a few options with the NYmag links – clearly) Oh yeah, and in NYC brunch hour is anywhere from 11-3. Oh and also, there is a strong chance its going to be a little crazy when we get there. One place in the LES sometimes has like a 1.5 hour wait. It’s bananas.

Him: This sounds very intimidating. I thought this brunch was supposed to be a low-key, laid back, Sunday morning thing! Everything in New York seems backwards. Where are all the quiet little places from the movies?

Me: I called ahead – to try to minimize the crowd/waiting so you dont completely panic. p.s.s. in movies they totally clear out all the real ppl and make it seem nice and cozy.

Him: Is brunch a dress-up kind of thing? Should I get out my tux? p.s. I called ahead and told them we would be filming a movie tomorrow, so that should clear out the place.

Ok so now lets fast forward. It’s 10:45 am. I have to meet my date in 2 hours. I’m ridiculously hung over. And have discovered that my toilet is broken. To make matters more interesting, it’s raining. So not only is my suggested “walk on the highline” out of the pic, but my flat ironed hair is gonna be a hot mess-ery.

So a public apology in advance to my stressed out Canadian. Sorry for the fact that I am probably still drunk, dragging you to the most crowded activity of the weekend, may look a mess while asking you how you can fix my toilet. Oh yeah, and sorry for telling you a tuxedo was acceptable to wear to brunch.


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