>Rain Delay

22 Aug

>The Sundate always sounds like a good idea when you plan it.

Don’t waste a perfectly good Friday or Saturday outing on what may or may not be a successful date. And there’s something about weekend dates that makes boys that much more aggressive. I know you don’t have work tomorrow, neither do I. But that doesn’t mean I’m going home with you.

Also, we’re not trying to look desperate here. I mean, our Saturday nights are booked through November. (Read: ate entire bag of popcorn while streaming Netflix on my couch last night.)

I, however, have just cancelled my second Sundate in a row. I’m blaming half on what’s clearly an official Rain Delay (hair’s looking rough), and the other half on the realization that I don’t want to get all made up, take a cab in the rain, and meet you on the Lower East Side for a drink at 9pm. 9pm! That’s, like, an hour from bedtime!
Instead, I come in from the rain, bypass the huge presentation I’m supposed to be preparing for tomorrow, bypass the scheduled run in the park (thank you, rain), and blog.
Kudos to KG for completing her second official Sundate. I’m 0 for 2.
That said, I’m 3-4, and rescheduled Date #4 for tomorrow night. Get the champagne flutes ready at the finish line…

One Response to “>Rain Delay”

  1. KP August 23, 2010 at 12:19 am #

    >ummm only if they are tiffany champagne flutes…

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