>Preparing for a date, fail #3

22 Aug

>So after previous post, instead of fixing my toilet or hangover, I just crawled back in bed.

Cue, 12pm. 30 minutes until it’s time to leave for my date. Time to get up, shower, etc. Instead, I called one of my best friends to discuss the made for TV christmas movie I discovered last night and my astonishment that neither one of us knew about it. 15 minutes later, convo ended and I realized I was slightly behind. So prep went like this:

1. No time to think about outfit, aka wear outfit from date #1
2. No time to shower, aka lots of perfume
3. Battle to take off last night’s makeup. I lost.
4. Crap KG, don’t decide to do your eyebrows pre-date, esp in a time crunch. (Note, silver eyeshadow does not cover up any redness)
5. Out of advil. There was some mysterious pill in the bottle though that said 600. Hope that isn’t bad?
6. Dont forget umbrella.

I’m excited for this date. No, like really excited because I’ve had to pee all morning and couldnt bc of said broken toilet.

p.s. just realized my date is in 2 minutes.


One Response to “>Preparing for a date, fail #3”

  1. MB August 22, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    >there are a lot of good things happening here. The first is – i'm also loosing the battle with last nights makeup – maybe it was the primer we were so excited about! Second – your post was posted at 12:36 – your date was at 12:30 – amazing

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