>Date Recap: KT #3

22 Aug

>I want to first thank KP for the motivational support that came in the form of this week’s OCIFriday leaderboard. Until now, my focus has been on getting dates, not keeping them.

That said, I’d like to report that Friday’s date was a success. And I’ve already got a second date in the works. More to come on this, but first, a full recap of Date #1 with Date #3. (This is going to get confusing.)
As evidenced with Juggles and Tumbles, I like my dates with a few quirks. Date #3 came with enough to make for great conversation. Realizing my fellow SDers may not find this of equal interest, bear with me.
An overview of the evening’s topics of discussion:
*The 14th Amendment (30 minutes)
*How one can do PostDoc work at 18. At Harvard. (still not sure on this one)
*Crime rate and relative deprivation in New Haven, CT and Durham, NC
*The Cosbys and effective ways to promote racial understanding amongst toddlers
*The story of Sodom and Gomorrah (Christian v Jewish translation)
*The relative merits of dormitory life (there are none)
*What to do when you suddenly have millions at 20 years of age
*The U.S. Constitution (via the iphone app)
*How often our parents do it
Also, there was an awkward getting-in-cab kiss on cheek/lip thing that happened.
You guys jealous, or what?

One Response to “>Date Recap: KT #3”

  1. Casey August 22, 2010 at 11:55 pm #

    >Disagree! There ARE merits to dorm life – a large selection of movies to watch (and ppl to watch them with), constant drinking companions, and always someone to give you an honest opinion on your outfit (while you pre-game, natch). In fact, when I'm old, I'm forcing all my friends to go into the old folks home with me so we can pretend we're back in college.

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