>Reason #53892863 for needing a BF

18 Aug

>Grrr! Again this morning the universe has sent me a sad, frustrating and expensive reminder of why it’s always nice to have a man around.

After primping and completing the morning routine- I grab my keys to start another balmy NYC day.

Well untill my door lock fell apart into 27 pieces into my hand! What does a girl do?

Well. I’ll tell you what this girl did- in this order:

1. Email boss that a 9am arrival is not in the cards
2. Call locksmith
3. Dial into a conference call that of course was not on my calendar and was another joy of a surprise
4. Called my dad to see if he could fix it- he’s my dad, that’s what he is charged with. Even if he is 1000 miles away
5. Logged in via iPhone to the blog to immediatly post about it

hope you ladies are having better days!


2 Responses to “>Reason #53892863 for needing a BF”

  1. KP August 18, 2010 at 3:04 pm #

    >i know what you mean. i need to fix my bike today and really just want a boy to do it. like, am i really about to grease a chain using wd40? sick.hope your day gets better. you def deserve to meet some hot single guy on the subway now.

  2. KT August 19, 2010 at 1:47 am #

    >i just spent 30 minutes freaking out because i couldn't connect to my wireless (and thus could not get to the blog). minute 29 i find out it's unplugged. boy could have done that in 1 minute. this is why i need a bf.

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