>Casual dating. Fail.

18 Aug

>Casual dating, schmasual dating. For realz.

Last night I went on a fourth date with Cameron and we had the inevitable okcu/past relationships convo.

Realization? I am not a casual dater. I don’t want to wait another week to see him again. But of course you can’t say these things in the cas dating world. The convo went more like, “I’m having fun, I like hanging out with you, let’s see where this goes…” blah blah blah, when really all I wanted to say was, “Let’s hang out every day and be bf gf” (yes, i still use the term bf gf when referring to relationships).

He paid for din, held my hand while walking in public (!), invited me over to his apt, cuddled, got a morning coffee with me. These are all bf things in my book. But alas, my book is outdated (ha, no pun intended).

I think KT put it best this am.

KT: i’m beginning to have respect for social norms circa 1950. like when it was just not okay to see someone and sleep with them before you’ve already got them to commit to something bigger. because that would make things so much easier.


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