>Isn’t it ironic?

17 Aug

>The non Alanis Morsette version, since none of the things mentioned in that song were actually ironic at all. They just really sucked.

Anyway, I was thinking, what if one of these dates goes really well?? And so we go on a few more dates, even make it on the “repeats” leaderboard. And (gasp) into DTR (define the relationship) territory.

How do you tell someone:

“Look, you’re really great and I’m having a fantastic time. I know you’re interested in a committed and monogamous relationship, as am I, but you cant be my boyfriend right now…because it will really ruin my blog…that’s about trying to get a boyfriend.”


One Response to “>Isn’t it ironic?”

  1. KP August 17, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

    >i was actually thinking this today. i am meeting cameron for our 4th date tonight and was contemplating broaching the subject of okcu, dating challenge, etc. so awkward!!! like how does the convo go??

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