>Sundate Recap

16 Aug

>Last night’s date was definitely a nice way to end the weekend. It started, continued, and ended well. When thinking of how to sum it up, it seemed easiest to compare it to Thursday’s “Jigga wha???” events:

1. Within the first 5 minutes, he asked about my day and my weekend, not my exercise routine.

2. After a pause between my 2nd and 3rd drink, he made a cute comment about me trying a new drink this time vs. “well, we know YOU want another one.”

3. About 2 hours in, he suggested some fun food and appetizers vs. never once acknowledging food (even though our date went until 10pm). So I got classy gourmet pizza and sides with my date, vs. $1 slice at a restaurant down the road by myself.

4. He walked me home and said goodnight at my gate with one of the cheek kiss things vs. walking out of the restaurant with a speedy side hug and then saying he was going out with friends.

Also, my date had been drinking at an event he was at previously (although totally cool and composed) which means he day drinks. Whew.

All in all, had a good time and think there may be room to get myself on the “repeats” leaderboard.


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