>Dates 3 and 4…never happening

16 Aug

>Ugh. Here are the two contenders…and the problems with each.

Hot Tennis Pro: He’s in his mid-30s. He teaches tennis at the gym by my apt. He is hot. My friend is his neighbor and when I told her about our dating challenge, she told me she would try to hook it up. I’ve asked her repeatedly since then to arrange something with him, but to no avail. My friend called me while I was at that wedding Saturday and asked if I was free next weekend. I immediately said, “TO HANG OUT WITH HOT TENNIS PRO??! YES!!!” She said, “No, I need someone to do a stoop sale with me. I have shit all over my apartment that needs to go ASAP.” Apparently she doesn’t understand my dire need for this date. And I don’t want to keep heckling her to get me a date. Sad.

Midwest Man: I was perusing Okcu, obvi, and found a guy who looked cute and had the most endearing profile I have ever read on that site. And he has a car. I messaged him and he messaged me back an hour later, which, as we all know, is unheard of on okcu. Usually I don’t get any responses. Problems?
A) It shows that he responds often B) He is stuck indefinitely in the Midwest because of “family stuff” (read: may not be back by Sept 15 deadline) C) He responds OFTEN

Dates 3 and 4 are going to be harder to get than I thought. I can’t bear the idea of doing yet another match search on okcu. Ladies, I think you are going to surpass me on the leader board this week…


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