>Wedding pictures on Facebook

15 Aug

>KT: i love that at 26 when i hear someone is pregnant my reaction is still, “oh no. what is she going to do?”

KG: OMG, i know. I think about, what if in my first year of being married I get pregnant? What will I do??

‪KT: ‬ O‪k i am getting stressed looking at wedding photos. ‪And breaking up with someone at the same time‬

KG: Umm, I think looking at preggers people should make you want to break up. I mean you cant drink for 9 months. Or at least not in front of people.

KT: Right. My baby is having at least one bottle of wine a week

KG: Your unborn fetus’s dating profile‬ would totally have drinking on OFTEN

‪KT: ‬ We need to stop talking for fear of over-producing amazing blog content
What we really need, is real lives.


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