>Hold up, you have food in your teeth.

15 Aug

>Several potential pre-date disasters:

1. Last night’s hangover hit about 45 minutes before my Sundate. So I figured I’d “lie down.” Nearly slept through my date until my mom called.

2. I’m not lactose “intolerant” per say, but you get the idea. I decided to have a large cappuccino and brie sandwich at the coffee bar. Lets just say I’ve made better decisions.

3. I happened to look in the mirror when I was grabbing my jewlery only to realize I had a large piece of chocolate in my teeth that could have stayed there for hours. (Ok so I also had some of a cookie at the coffee shop. Neither here nor there.)

4. It’s raining and I often pretend I am invincible to it. Almost walked out without an umbrella.

5. I am, yet again, going to be late to my date due to the fact that I am blogging.

I think I am missing the purpose of this blog…

(I forsee an friend intervention coming soon about this. Kind of like the time when I got sat down for a “stop snapping while dancing” intervention where my friends threatened to only go out with me if I wore mittens despite the fact that I told them snapping was really popular at the clubs in ATL. Apparently what put me over the edge was when I tried to do some shooting star snap moves to “So Sick of Love Songs” and Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time.”

Ok now officially going to be late.


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