>DTC: same day date…

15 Aug

>That I suggested. In a text. Ugh.

Sure, he’s “shown interest.” And says things like “I cant wait to tell you about it.” And now that I think about, asked me to hang out on other occasions. Ok wait, nevermind. I just answered my own question.

So I’m getting ready for the day (at 2:15pm) and gearing up for a little pre-date coffee shop-ing. Basically to get overly caffeinated and finally blog somewhere that doesn’t make me feel like im going to get fired (my job) or totally pathetic (my couch, with Tyler Perry movies on in the background).

And I notice, my pores are a mess. Then I got annoyed that I notice things like pores. In fact, that word is annoying and slightly gross and I have now have used it twice in two sentences. To correct this sitch, I overblushed. Then tried to rub it off only making my whole face red-er.

If getting ready for your date reminds you of Clueless, or getting ready for the prom, I think there is a problem. What’s more of a problem is that I’m out in public looking like Raggedy Anne.


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