>Quitting the day job

13 Aug

>Today is not going so well. It took a mini-fire in the office, an effed up 5-year, $9m budget, and three calls with three lawyers by 1pm to realize that today is Friday the 13th. No wonder everything blows.

Managing a blog would be so much easier than managing a non-profit.

So while I began writing a post about how this weekend is going to be a hot mess, I’ve changed my tune.
The itinerary for three weekend dates follows. Get excited, because I’m boutsta pass you all on the leaderboard. Wha whaaaaaat!
Dinner with two of the hottest ladies in Manhattan. Ok, so this doesn’t really count but it’s restaurant week, and let’s face it, there are things we just can’t discuss here on the blog. Getting the full psycho-analysis of my date prospects over a three course meal with two of my faves. If we’re lucky, they’ll be flirting involved.
The 37yo hottie is back. And despite my protests, I still love him. Now he has my phone number and is all texting me and calling me and using 37yo words like “my dear.” We’re going bowling. Dinner. And then ? That question mark is a big question mark, especially if you know how the last 9 of our dates have ended.
Hoping to get a ! this time, but all before 11 so I can peace out for the dance party festivities. (He can dance, but I am not letting him meet friends. That comes at date 19.)
Drinks with dude I met at a party last weekend. (See post re: someone asking me on a date without full-on intoxication.) He’s undergrad Harvard, law school Yale, which means nothing other than the fact that he knows people I know. Namely one of my interns. Guh, this is getting complicated.
Also, his emails have gotten progressively flirty and he may have a slight lisp. Don’t think I love him, but he’s good enough for #3.
Which brings me to the leaderboard. I’m back on top beeezeees! This may be my new job.

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