13 Aug

>Ok so it’s been decided (I love how I say that with such authority when in reality, I have none) that we need to have a recurring Friday afternoon leaderboard until the end of the challenge, September 15.

Enter the: Oh Crap It’s Friday Leaderboard. TGI Friday is for mudslides but our Fridays now have a new meaning. It’s a gut check. A reality check. About how bad we are doing.

Behind on your goal? Start begging next to your local homeless man.
Got no dates this weekend? Go get some.

This is happening for several reasons:

a) encouragement
b) shit talking
c) consistent check-ins
d) motivation to step it up over the weekend
e) because I am excited that I am finally part of a leaderboard

KT mentioned we should start tallying repeats (ugh we are doing quality AND quantity now? crap. this changes everything…)


KT – 2
KP – 2
KG – 1
CFH – 0
MB – 1
(It wasnt her fault that her date got cock blocked by clients. And they were all men. And they paid for unlimited bevs. And she managed to get hand cuffed in Central Park. All combined, totally worth a date credit).


KT – 0
KP – 2
KG – 0
MB – 0
CFH – 0

p.s. I finally recapped last night’s date. But for some reason it says I posted at 5:30am this morning so its a few posts below this titled “Jigga whaaa???”


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