13 Aug

>Adding a .com instantaneously makes things more important and relevant.

I had a bad day – OR – fmylife.com
What’s that weird haircut – OR – lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com
Dude, your’re dumb – OR – ihookedupwithyourmom.com (ok i made that up)

But now, KT has taken it to a whole new level.

KT (on yesterdays blog activity)
Today’s posts were ridiculously good. I’m talking book deal in 6 months good. I seriously almost peed my pants about six times.

So for a little congratulatory gift and continued motivation, I just might have bought us sixteendates.com. Wha whaaaat!

There are several amazing things here:

1. we own sixteendates.com
2. we have no idea what we’d actually put ON sixteendates.com
3. we have yet to go on sixteen dates
4. this url was bought as a reward bc we all committed to ignoring our real responsibilities (jobs) and committing to the blog. And bc KT was near urination at her desk.
5. One day, when we are famous, KT’s mom will read this blog. And find out that she used the word vagina.

We contribute nothing to society via a blog. so naturally, now we can do it on a .com as well. I love my life.


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