>Jigga wha??? (Date recap)

13 Aug

>Last night’s date in chronological order: good, hmm, yikes, really?, nice, good, fun, bartender, interesting, good, oh? ok…

First 5 seconds
Hmm, cuter in person. Nice surprise. Black V-neck, nice jeans, nice black shoes. (good dressing is so crucial) And he is very smiley.

First 5 minutes
He has established more than once that we are splitting the check, mentioned that he didn’t drink a ton (3-4 Heinekens and he’s “done”), and confronted my on the fact that my drinking arrow was not between ‘often” and “never” but was in fact ON “often.” He has asked me about my workout regiment. I (probably wrongly) decided not to lie.

We have 3 drinks over the course of 2 hours which is way below my batting average, but now that I know that I’m on a date with someone who may or maynot think I should join AA, I decided to sip slowly. At one pt we (aka I) ask the (hot) bartender a question about wine and he proceeds to give us (me) different ones to taste, explaining the difference etc. Which I am oddly impressed by and then have to remind myself that it is his job to know this information. And then also remind myself that he is not, in fact, my actual date.

Had a good time. Some clear bumps in the road. He had big hands. Like really big. (No sexual reference here, just literally a fact.) He almost got me to feel his hamstring muscle. It took him about 20 seconds of thinking about the logistics to realize that this will be awkward. We talked to the bartender for like 30-45 minutes about way too many different things.

His exit
He suggested we leave. And gave a quick hug and peaced out to meet his friends. He also never suggested we eat anything. He then took the train and was less than impressed that I was opting for the cab option.

My exit
Cab. Call my friends still at work to come play (and relay date deets, obvi). Meet Charisse and Dave. Drink PBR’s. Sneak out (in the rain) to go get some pizza down the street (I was FAMISHED). Go back to PBRs. Go home. Eat 2 waffles with Charisse. And one more once she left.

In hindsight, maybe I should have slipped a card to my wine connoisseur again, just the bartender doing his job) butI cant have 2 bartender stories in 1 week, that’d just be ridiculous. Plus I am WAY too un-smooth to pull that off.


One Response to “>Jigga wha??? (Date recap)”

  1. KT August 13, 2010 at 11:08 pm #

    >ok, can you give him a bad review on HowAboutWe or something?!??

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