>I woke up early this morning

13 Aug

>And couldnt fall back asleep.

So I turned on the tv I had fallen asleep to last night (which was on Nickelodeon for some reason). I then proceeded to email my aunt’s friends the recap of the speed dating event while I watched Sabrina the Teenaged Witch.

I’m now faux tidying my room as I get ready for work in which I have:

a) convinced myself that I can TOTALLY go one more day without washing my hair
b) realized my shirt cannot be pulled off as “it’s supposed to be wrinkled
c) turned on my flat iron to remedy the previous bc I’m way too lazy to actually go get the iron and/or take off my shirt
d) listened to B-Spears’s Womanizer and Christmas songs

All of this with the understanding that I have dinner plans and going out to a “fun bar” to “meet boys.” And now, the 1 for 4 becomes a lot more clear.

But I’m still not going to iron my shirt.


One Response to “>I woke up early this morning”

  1. KT August 13, 2010 at 5:28 pm #

    >a. washing hair is way overrated.b. should just put on what you wore on tuesday.c. flat iron > regular iron. (you're also talking to the person who bought an iron 3 years ago and has yet to take it out of the box.)d. sometimes you need a little mariah christmas in august.e. none of the above are dealbreakers.

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