>Update: Btender and Biz cards

10 Aug

>I realized this morning that you actually have to ACTIVATE the cards before handing them out.


Also, my roomate’s response to last night’s shenanigans.

Several things:

1) Oh Rom Com Karen. Your new title should be runaway bride… (at least this makes me Julia?)

2) Has he messaged you?! (well apparently he cant since I didnt activate)

3) I acknowledge this is selfish…yes the bartender at (name of restaurant) is cute and plays good music on his ipod. HOWEVER, for the good of the team (meaning me, you and your lezzie shorts) why did you ruin (name of restaurant)?! It’s our favorite spot! I hope you know I’m making you go again. You can sit with your back to the bar. Thanks.

(i sensor only bc i foresee future embarrassments in my future when my jerk friends try to make this funnier – read: more awkward at my expense)


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