>Me and my shorty…

10 Aug

KG: Ugh,‬ ‪my shoes are already sweaty. And uncomfortable.
KT: My ass is hanging out‬. At work.‬ But i def wore flats. So you’ll be the cute tall friend. I’ll be the short lil thang.

I’m off to meet KT at that dating gang bang, also known as “Singles in the City.” Earlier on, I was easily convinced by their Legends of the Hidden Temple metaphor for dating (damn you funny Groupon writers!) but now a little overwhelmed about a GIANT NYC SINGLES EVENT!!!!

I mean it took me like 15 minutes to figure out where to click on the website. Gross:

So now KT and KG are off to Date-a-palooza. KG armed with dating biz cards and last night’s embarassment. KT showing a little ass and probably hoping to find her gyno for round 2…

Recap stories coming tomorrow.


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