>mid-week radio silence

5 Aug

>…is painful.

i’m not complaining. in fact, i was supposed to be at the hot chip show in cpark tonight, but opted out for the first night by myself in more than a month.

but maybe i underestimated the power of a reflective night alone. recent revelations:

1. my 37yo love has not returned email or fb poke. (i know, i know. who pokes?) he’s in paris, but stillz. this may be the end of something that never was.
2. dude from last night has not messaged. i mean, was i really that bad? how long do i give him?
3. i have not cooked a meal in my apartment in over a month. my housewifery skills are dunzo.
4. wednesday night tv blows.
5. where the eff am i going to find my final two dates?
6. this leftover beer is surprisingly deeelish.


One Response to “>mid-week radio silence”

  1. sai August 19, 2010 at 5:04 am #

    >aw, would have loved to have you at Hot Chip, but totally understand the necessary night alone. And now that I've discovered this, it's like I am hanging out with you for weeks on end.

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