>Catch-Up Session #1: Joining OKCupid

5 Aug

>So I’m on OKCupid for 10, maybe 15 minutes before I see someone who looks familiar. Balding man, crazy sideburns – wait, is that – my former…personal trainer? Yes. Yes it is. Shit.

I’m quickly assured he won’t ever find me. It’s virtually impossible, I am told. What percent match are you, anyway? KT asks. Percent match? I respond.

THE NEXT DAY, I’m excited to log on to see if anyone has messaged me. I see a note from Al1979 in my inbox. Subject: “I know you!” SHIT.

“Hey Christina,

I saw you checked out my profile so I figured I’d scope out yours, too. Looks pretty good – best of luck on your 4 dates!

Bummer to hear you had to start waitressing to pay the bills, but if you’ve always wanted to work in a restaurant then I guess it’s all good.


Nobody told me that you can SEE who has looked at your profile. Thanks for the heads up, KT! I’m not sure if I’m more embarrassed because I will likely see him on the street in the next week (he is my neighbor, after all) or if it’s because he did not even flirt with me. Not even a little. My balding, tattooed trainer with crazy sideburns did not even TRY to flirt with me! Sad.

Here’s to hoping I’ll get ONE date before September 15.

(P.S. Don’t worry ladies, I didn’t give away the game in my profile. As an addendum I mentioned a friend had dared me to go on 4 dates in 6 weeks. That’s it.)


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