>All the Single Ladies

5 Aug

>When KT first told me about the 4-date challenge, I said no. N-O. And I had a million good reasons.

First of all, I decided months ago not to date anyone for a while. I had recently broken up with my long-term boyfriend and started my own business, so I simply did not have the time.

Besides, being single for a while would be “good for me.”

Not to mention that I am terrified of a) inadvertently breaking someone’s heart, b) having someone break mine, or c) just sucking at the whole dating thing.

Moreover, how was I going to get four dates?

Next thing I know, my dearest friend KT no longer has time to hang out with me because she has all these fun (and funny) dates. Hmm. Not only that, but I’m hearing crazy stories of other friends doing unbelievably bold things to get a date. KP gave a RANDOM guy on the street her phone number? It was her REAL number? How hot was he, exactly? You are both crazy, I thought. I love this.

And let’s be honest. “Recently” is now 9+ months ago, so the excuse doesn’t exactly slide these days. I don’t want to be married to my business partner, either. I love her, but she’s a girl and I do have other needs (ehem).

So, ladies, THANK YOU for accepting me into your club. I agree to your rules, and accept your challenge.

Now I’m 0 for 4 with zero prospects in sight. Desperate times call for desperate measures. OKcupid, here I come…


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